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About us

I specialize in mental and physical enhancements for Sports and Combat Applications, Sexual Enachements, Removing addictions, Improving Focus, Discipline, Controlling Fear, Controlling negative emotions like jealousy, Weight Management, and Goal Achievements.
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My name is Gianluca Zanna
and I will be your certified clinical hypnotherapist.
I am specialized in Ericksonian slow induction as well in Kinesthetic Rapid Induction Hypnosis. I am also Krav-Maga Black Belt certified in Israel, AZ Department Public Safety Firearms Instructor, and a Certified Personal Trainer with National Academy Sports Medicine #1190296287
MMA Conditioning Specialist with National Academy Sports Medicine #1190332207
Fitness Nutrition Specialist with National Academy Sports Medicine #1190316554.
I integrate Hypnotherapy in Sport and Self Defense mental conditioning. 
I am a member #11157 of the International Board Coach and Practitioners.

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